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Chapter -9
"The Yoga Of Sovereign Knowledge and Sovereign Mystery"

The Lord Krishna has preached the sovereign knowledge and the sovereign secret in this chapter. Therefore, the chapter is entitled "The yoga of Sovereign knowledge and Sovereign mystery".

Shri bhagvan Sa

1. The blessed Lords said : To you, who are free from disbelief and petty critical attitude, I shall teach you this profoundly secret wisdom and knowledge. After knowing this you shall be free from unholiness.

2. This knowledge is king among knowledge and the secret is also sovereign among secrets, this is extremely sacred, can be experienced directly, lawful, very easy to practice and is indestructible.

3. O Arjuna, those who do not have faith in this path do no attain to me, and they keep returning to the cycle of birth and death in the world.

4. The entire universe is pervaded by me in my unmanifested form. All animate beings abide in me but I do not abide in them.

5.  All the living beings do not dwell in me, Look at the effect of my creative power (yogamaya), my soul which sustains all the beings and is the very cause of the beings, does not dwell in them.

6.  As the strong air, roaming everywhere, is always present in the space, you should know that likewise entire existence dwells in me.

7.  O Son of kunti, (Arjuna), all living beings dissolve into my nature at the end of the age (kalpa) and at the beginning of the cycle (kalpa) I again create them.

8.  Controlling the nature which is a manifestation of me, I create the living beings again and again since they are in the control of nature and are helpless. (They cannot come into existence of their own).

9.  Since I am unattached and indifferent to these deeds, I am not bound by them, O Arjuna.

10.  O Arjuna, under my command nature creates all their animals and inaminate things and for this reason the world goes on in its cycle.

11.  The ignorants regard me as an ordinary embodied human being, as they do not know me as the supreme lord of all the existences.

12.  Their hopes are vain and their actions are vain, such ignorance, adopt the nature of the demons and monsters, they do not have discernment.

13.  O Arjuna, the great sages who dwell in nature, know me as the primeval cause of all the living beings and knowing me to be imperishable, constantly worship me single mindedly.

14.  Always singing my praise, strict and firm in their vows, bowing down to me worshipfully, they worship me, ever devoted.

15.  Some worship me through the sacrifice of knowledge, knowing me as the only one, others worship me regarding me manifold and as distinct (from self) and in many other ways.

16.  I am the action in rituals and rites, I am the sacrifices, I am the oblation to the ancestors, I am the (medicinal) herbs, shrubs etc, I am the sacred chant (mantra), I am also purified butter (ghrita), I am the fire and the offerings in the sacrificial fire.

17.  I am the father of this world, the mother, the grandfather and the upholder. I am the essence of knowledge, the pure, I am the sound Aum and I am Rigaveda, Samaveda and Yajurveda too.

18.  I am the destination, the upholder, the lord, the witness, the dwelling, the shelter and the wellwisher. I am the beginning and the end, the ground, the resting place and the potential cause imperishable.

19.  I am the heat, I stop and cause the rain, I am the eternal life and also death, I am existence as well as the non existence, O Arjuna.

20.  Those who know the three Vedas and act in accordance with them, who drink soma juice and are free of sin, worship me through sacrifices, pray for the heaven, reach the holy realm of Indra (The king of gods) and enjoy the pleasures available to gods.

21.  They enjoy the vast heavenly world, they return to the mortal world when their good deeds run out, thereby following the words of Vedas and desiring pleasures they remain in the cycle of repeated birth and death.

22.  Those who worship me, meditate on me alone, who persevere, I give them what they posses.

23.  Even those worshipping other gods, worshipping them, faithfully, also sacrifice to me only, O Arjuna, though not in the manner prescribed by the true law.

24.  I am the receiver and the lord of all the sacrifices. But these men do not know me in my true element and therefore, they fall (into the mortal world).

25.  Those who worship gods attain to those gods, worshippers of the forefathers go to them, worshippers of spirits go to the spirits and those worshipping me get to me alone.

26.  Who offer me, leaves, flowers, fruit or water with love, has a pure heart, I accept his offerings.

27.  Whatever you do, you eat, you offer you give away (donate) whatever penances you perform O Arjuna as an offering to me.

28.  Thus you shall be free from the bonds of good and evil which result from actions. Fixing your mind firmly on the path of renunication, you shall be free and attain to me.

29.  I am the same in all living beings. Neither anyone is abhored by me nor anyone is dear to me. But those who worship me devetedly are in me and I am in them.

30.  Even if an errant sinner worships me with single minded devotion, he is regarded as righteous for he has a pious resolve.

31. He becomes a virtuous soul soon and obtains eternal peace O Arjuna, you should know that certainly my devotee never perishes.

32.  Those who seek abode in me, O Arjuna, though may be women, Vaishyas (Businessmen) or lowly born and Shudras, all reach the highest goals.

33.  Then what to speak of the holy Brahmins and devoted royal saints, having come to this impermament world of unhappiness, do constantly worship.

34.  Fixing your mind on me, only be devoted to me, worship me, revere me, thus having attuned yourself with me as your goal, you shall come to me.

This is the ninth chapter entitled "The Yoga of Sovereign Knowledge and Sovereign Mystery".

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