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The Philosophy of Life


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Chapter - 3
"Karma Yoga"  or  "The Method of Work"

This chapter focuses on various reasons why action is essential for the man; why should one act according to oneís caste (Varna); how should one act; which actions help take one to the path of liberation; which actions cause the bondage of life-death cycle etc. Since this chapterís main theme is: How should one act or work and what methods to employ for the end, this chapter is entitled "Karma-Yoga" or "The Method of work"

Arjuna Said

O Janardana (Krishna), if you regard knowledge to be superior to action, why do you want me to undertake such gruesome action. My mind is confused by the ambiguous statement. Tell me the one definite knowledge by which I may obtain the supreme goal.

Bhagwan Sri Krishna Said

O Blameless (Arjuna), two fold life had been preached by me in the past. Way of knowledge for the contemplative minds and the ways of works for those who are action oriented. By abstaining from work one does not obtain freedom from action, nor by renouncing his work does one reach perfection in life.

A person cannot remain in a state of worklessness for even a moment, undoubtedely all governed by the nature, act as if forced to do so. The unwise, who controls his sense organs by force and whose mind is indulging in the objects of desire, such one is called a man of false conduct (a hypocrite).

O Arjuna the one whose even mind is under control and who does the work without any desire for its reward, he is superior. Do your duty (as prescribed by the scriptures), because it is better to work than to remain idle and without work you cannot even take care of your body.

All other works, not prescribed by the scriptures, put the man in bondage. Therefore, O Arjuna, you do the works prescribed by the scriptures without attachment, meticulously in the ancient days, the lord of creation (Brahma) created subjects through sacrifice and He told them : May you grow and may these sacrifices bring forth desired pleasures to you. And may you cause progress to the gods through these sacrifices, may the gods help you prosper, thus progressing and prospering by mutual efforts may you attain the supreme goal. Thus fostered, the gods will grant you the desired pleasure.

And the one who enjoys these gifts without giving back them in return is a thief indeed.The noble men who eat the leftovers of the sacrifice are absolved of all sins, the sinful, who cook for them alone, eat the sins only. All the things are produced by food, the food is produced by rain and the rain is produced by sacrificial fires and sacrifice is created by work. Work is caused by Veda and the Vedas are created by the imperishable.

Therefore, know that, the brahma, which is all pervading is always present in the sacrifice.Work is caused by Veda and the Vedas are created by the imperishable. Therefore, know that, the brahma, which is all pervading is always present in the sacrifice.

O Arjuna, who does not conduct himself thus, in accordance with the wheel of life set in motion, who indulges in sensual delights, is evil in his nature wastes his life in vain But the man who rejoices in the self only; who is satisfied in the self and who is content with the self, for him no work remains to be done. No business, such a person, has in this world to do nor is he concerned with not doing anything, he retains no ties with other creatures.

Therefore, you carryout your works in accordance with the scriptures, with detachment, because one who is not attached reaches the ultimate goal by just performing his works. Many wisemen like Janaka, have attained to perfection by doing work without any attachment, so you also should work for the sake of maintenance of the world order.

What conduct is shown by the superiormen, other men also conduct themselves accordingly, whatever standard conduct is set by such men (of superior wisdom) others behave in the same way. Therefore, O Arjuna though, I do not have any work to do in the three worlds and nothing attainable is unavailable to me, yet I am involved in the works.

O, Arjuna if I do not perform the work consciously, all men will start behaving like me. If I stop working ; the whole world will sink into corruption (ruin) and I shall become corruptor and destroyer of all these men. O Bharata (Arjuna) as the unwise perform work being attached with it, so should the wise perform the work without attachment to it to maintain the world order.

The wise should not cause confusion in the minds of the unwise, while doing his work in unison with the ultimate, he should make others (unwise) to do the same. All the works are performed in accordance with the attributes of nature, yet whose mind is deluded by the sense of ego, believes that he is the doer.

O, Arjuna, however, the one possessing the true knowledge, knows the distinction between the two modes of natures, knowing that the modes act upon each-other (self remaining unattached) is not attached to the modes (Gunas). Ignorants are attached to the modes (gunas) of nature and the works produced by them, the wise who knows the whole truth should not unsettle the ignorants who only know the part.

Therefore, O Arjuna with your mind firmly in meditation all your deeds you consign to me, without any expectations and without any attachments, freed from your fever, join the war. And O Arjuna any person, who, with a pure mind and with devotion, acts in accordance with my opinion, they are freed from the bondage of their deeds.

And the ones whose minds are impure; who are ignorant and do no follow my advice, those are deluded by ignorance and are beyond redemption. Even wise act as per their nature and creatures act according to their natures what can be gained by stubborness?

The senses have attachment or a version to the objects coming into their contacts, one should not be captivated by either (like or dislike) these are the two impediments in the way to perfection. It is better to follow own law even if it is imperfect, than to follow perfect law of the others. Better one dies following his own law as it is ennobling while law of others is dangerous.

Arjuna Said

Arjuna said : O Krishna, why the man commits sin without his will, as if forced to do so? The blessed Lord said : Produced by the mode of passion (rajaguna) this desire is anger and like the fire it is all consuming and extremely sinful. Regard it to be the enemy here.

Like smoke covers fire and dust covers mirror and like embryo is covered by the womb similarly knowledge is covered by passions. O Arjuna, the knowledge is covered by the craving, which is like the unsatiable fire, and is a constant enemy of the wise. Sense organs, mind and intelligence are the abodes (of passion) and it covers the wisdom through these (senses, mind and intelligence) to delude the soul.

O Arjuna, therefore, first control your senses and kill this sinful corruptor of knowledge and discernment . Senses are great but it is said that the mind is greater, intelligence is still greater and greater than the intelligence is He (the Supreme Being).

Thus knowing that which is beyond intelligence, controlling the mind by intelligence, O Mighty Armed (Arjuna), slay this foe disguised as craving, and so difficult to subdue.

This Third Chapter is entitled
"KarmaYoga" or "The Method of Work".

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