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Chapter -11
"The Vision of the Cosmic Form Yoga"

Acceding to the Arjuna;s request the lord agree to show him his universal form. Mainly this chapter deals with the detailed description of the Lordís Universal Form. Therefore, The chapter is entitled "The Vision of the cosmic Form Yoga"

          Arjuna Said
  1. The most secret knowledge and the discourse about the self which you have imparted out of kindness towards me, has totally destroyed my delusion.

  2. Because O, Lotus eyed (Krishna) you have disclosed to me details about the coming inti and passing out of existence, of the beings, and also I have heard about your Imperishable nature.

  3. O Supreme being, as you have said yourself to be, so it is. But I still desire to witness your splendid form, O Best among men (Krishna).

  4. O Lord, if you think that it can be seen by me, then show me, your imperishable form, O Lord of yogis (Krishna).

    Shri Bhagwan Said

  5. O, Partha (Arjun) looked at my forms a hundred and a thousand times, so numerous and a thousand times, so numerous in kind, devine, of many colours and shapes.

  6. O Bharata (Arjuna), look at the Adityas, the Vasus, the Rudras and Ashwins duo and the maruts. See these, never seem before wonders, O Arjuna.

  7. O Gudakesha (Arjuna), in my body here, look at the whole universe, moving and unmoving and whatsoever else you wish to see, al gathered in my body.

  8. But you cannot see me with this natural eyes you have, I shall grant you the divine eyes. You can witness my divine power with its help.

    Sanjay Said

  9. O King (Dhritarastra), after speaking in this way, Hari the Supreme Lord of yoga revealed to Arjuna his Supreme and divine form.

  10. Many mouths and many eyes and many amazing visions and may divine ornaments and holding many divine weapons in hand.

  11. Weaving divine garlands and clothes, wearing many perfumes and ointments, endowed with wonders of every description, without boundaries, with face turned towards all directions in the world.

  12. Even the splendour of a thousand suns, arising at once in the sky can hardly watch the splendour of the great being.

  13. There the Pandava (Arjuna) with the whole universe with many divisiom combined together in one, in the body of the God of the gods.

  14. Then, Arjuna, filled with amazement his haris, standing end, bowed down to the lord, hands folded with supplications.

  15. O Lord, I see all the gods and various groups of living beings as well in your body, Brahma the god, seated on a lotus, and all the sages and divine serpents.

  16. O God of the Universe, I see you in the infinite forms, with numerous arms, bellies faces and eyes, but I do not see your end, neither your middle nor your beginning.

  17. I see you with your crown, mace and discuss (chakra) a dazzling body of luminosity from all disections, very hard to observe, burning bright from all sides like sun, uncomparable.

  18. You are the absolute knowable the imperishable and you are the ultimate shelter of this world, you are the final guardian of the eternal laws and you are the ever lasting person, so do I think.

  19. I see you as one without any beginning, any middle or any end of infinite capacity of numberless hands, with eyes like the moon and the sun, with your face as a bright flame, and your luminosity heats up this world.

  20. O Great soul, this space between heaven and earth is pervaded by yourseld, and also all the directions of the sky. All the three world are trembling looking at your this awful terrifying form

  21. There all the multitudes of gods are entering into you and many bening terror stricker are praying you with folded hands, and groups of great sages and perfected souls sing hymns in your praise and keep chanting "glory be upon you".

  22. The Rudras, the vasus, the Adityas, the sadhyas and two Ashwins, the Marutas and the ancestors groups and very many bands of Gandharvas, yakshas, Asurahs and siddhas all look at you wonder.

  23. O Mighty armed (Krishna) looking at your many mouths and eyes and having many arms, thighs and feet, many gellies, terrible with numerous tusks, the world is shivering with fright and so do i.

  24. As I see the sky-touching, luminous and with many forms, your mouthagape, and the large glowering eyes, my soul shivers with fear and I do not find peace or patience O Vishu (Krishna)

  25. When I behold your terrible mouth with tusks and with time denouring blazing fires, I lose sense of directions, I do not find peace. Therefore, be pleased O Lord of gods and Resort of the worlds.

  26. All the sons of Dhritarastra, alongwith the groups of kings enter into you, and Bhisma, Drona and karna alongwith the main fighters on our side also.

  27. Are going into your terrible mouth with tusks with great speed and many with their heads crushed are seen caught between your teeth.

  28. Many speeding currents of the rivers flow towards the ocean, likewise these groups of warriors of the mankind enter into your blazing mouths.

  29. As moths rush into a flame, likewise these men abro rush into your mouth with great speed to their destruction.

  30. By gobbling all the world into your blazing mouths, you lick them up from all sides. Your intense rays lights up the whole world and heat it up by their fierce radiance.

  31. Please tell me who are you with a form so terrifying. I bow to you be pleased O, Foremost among the Gods. I wish to know you truly, the primal one as I do not know your nature.

    Shri Bhagwan Said

  32. I am the time, world devouring grown aged, embarked upon now destroying the worlds. All the warriors standing in the carmy of the enemies will not srive even in your absence.

  33. Therefore, arise and earn glory, conquering your enemies enjoy the prosperous kingdom. They are already claim by me. You become only the means O Arjuna of their death.

  34. Do kill Drona, and Bhisma and Jaidratha and karna and many others, as they are already killed by me. Be not fearful. Fight you shall vanquish the enemies in the battle.

    Sanjay Said

  35. After hearing these words of Keshava(Krishna), Arjuna (wearing a crown-kiriti) with folded hands, trembling, bowed and prostating, with great fear spoke in a tremulous voice to Krishna.

    Arjuna Said

  36. O Krishna, it is but natural that the world rejoice and delight in singing hymns in your praise. The Rakshas fle for their lives in all directons and the groups of the perfected souls are bowing before you.

  37. O Great Soul, you are greater than Brahma, and are the original cause (of creation), why should not they do praise you? O Lord of the gods and the shelter of the world, you are the imperishable beyond being and non-being.

  38. You are the first among the gods, the first person. The ultimate Resort of the world. You are the known of all that is knowable and the highest goal. And by you this whole universe is permanent, O thou of infinite forms.

  39. You are vayu (the world), yame (the destroyer), Agni (the fire) Varuna (the god of sea) and Shashanka (the moon), and prajapati (Brahma theLord of creation), the grand-father of all. Thousands times I bow to you in salutation; and salutations to you again and again.

  40. Salutations to you from the front, from the behind and from every side, O all boundless in power and limitless in might, you permeate the whole world and you are all forms

  41. Being ignorant of your true nature and of your greatness, I have often spoken to you rashly, thinking you to my companion, O Krishna, O Yadava, O Friend, due to my negligence or through familiarity.

  42. For all the disrespects heaped upon you, injest while playing or sitting on bed or while at meals, either alone or in the presence of others. I pray forgiveness for all my acts, O Unshakeable and the Immeasurable one.

  43. You are the father of the world, of movable or unmovable. You are the very venerable and higher than the teachers, No one can match you in all the three worlds, O you of incomparable greatness how there can be anyone like you?

  44. Therefore bowing down and prostrating my body before you, I pray to you, ne pleased O Lord. As a father overlooks mistakes of his son, a friend of his friend and a lover of his beloved, so you be kind to me.

  45. I have been witness to the scene never seen before, Iam very glad but my heart is sinking with fear. Therefore, show me your form (of four arms) and grant me your grace. O Lord of the Universe and Lord of the gods.

  46. I crave to see you as before wearing a crown, mace and disurs (chalera) in hand. Assume your four-armed form, O Lord howing thousand army and of universal form.

    Shri Bhagwan Said

  47. By my grace and by my divine power, O Arjuna, this supreme form was shown to you, luminous, boundless, original, enveloping the world, no one ever witness it before but you.

  48. Neither the study of vedas nor sacrifices, nor by study of scriptures, nor by gifts, not by performing rituals, nor by severe, penances can I be seen in this form by the men of the world, you are the only one to see it. O Great Kuru warrior (Arjuna).

  49. You should not be afraid of my this terrifying form, nor should you become deluded. Be free from fear and cheerful at heart, see again this other (four-armed) form of mine.

    Sanjay Said

  50. O King (Dhritarastra) After speaking to Arjuna, in this manner his form and then the Great one having acquired again the benign form, assured the terrified Arjuna.

    Arjuna Said

  51. O Janardana, looking at your benign human form, now I have become peaceful in mind and am returned to my nature.

    Shri Bhagwan Said

  52. This form of mine is indeed very rare to see, which you have seen. Even gods are ever keen to witness this form.

  53. The form is which you have seen me now, cannot be seen either by the vedas or by penances or by gifts of by sacrifices.

  54. Through single-minded devotion to me, O Arjuna, I can be thus seen, truly known and merged inti, O Tormentor of Toes (Arjuna)

  55. He who works only for me, sees me as his only goal, who worships me without desires, who is free from animosity to all beings, he comes to me, O Pandava (Arjuna).

This is the eleventh chapter entitled "The Vision of the Cosmic Form Yoga"

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