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Chapter - 4
"The Yoga of Knowledge and Renunciation of Action"

In this chapter Krishna has given discourse on the nature and cause of his incarnation. Main strand is about the yoga of action (work) and the yoga of renunciation. The chapter, therefore, is entitled "The Yoga of Knowledge and Renunciation of Action".

Sri Krishna Said

This imperishable yoga was taught by me to the sun, sun taught to (his son) Manu and Manu taught to (his son) king Ikshavaku. Thus this yoga handed down by the tradition was learnt by the great sages but now, O Arjuna, this yoga is lost in this world. That very ancient yoga I have described to you because you are my devotee and also a friend. This yoga is very exalted and is very profound.

Arjuna Said

You have been born at this period of time while sun (Vivasvat) was born in the very ancient age. How can I believe that, this yoga was told by you in the primeval times.

Bhagwan Sri Krishna Said

O Arjuna ! many births have been taken by you and me, but O Tormentar of the Foes (Arjuna) you do not know about all those (births); I do know. Being imperishable, unborn and the God of all the creatures yet being established into my own nature. I come into existence by my own power (maya).

Whenever there is decline in the righteousness, O Bharata (Arjuna) I manifest myself.For saving the righteous and for destroying the evil-doers and for restoring the righteousness I am born in every age.

O Arjuna, my this birth and actions are divine, one who knows the truth of this, does not take birth again after leaving his body but he attains to my state. Being free from attachment, fear and anger, established in my being, having come under my protection, many men, purified by the fire of knowledge, have attained to my form.

In whatever manner men show their devotion to me, accordingly do I reward them, knowing this wisemen follow my way by all means, O partha (Arjuna). Those who desire fruits of their actions in this world, they worship the gods, and they attain their objects quickly (in this object-world of senses, however, they do not reach the supreme goal.)

Division of works and modes into four castes specific groups are made by me but know me as the imperishable and non-doer. I do not have any interest in the fruits of my actions, I am not attached to the actions. Those who know this truth, also not come under the bondage of work.

Those who attain to the freedom earlier did their work after they had known this (truth). Therefore, you too perform the work that has been done by your ancestors all the times. Even wise are perplexed as to the nature of action and non-action, therefore, I shall describe the nature of true action, you shall become free from the undesirable (bonds) after knowing it.

One should understand the true nature of action and also of inaction, nature of action forbidden by the scriptures also, should be understood, because the way of action is profound.

One, who can see the inaction within action and vice-versa, is a yogi and a man of wisdom and is the accomplisher of the absolute. Whose total work is free from desire and not swayed by like or dislike, whose attachments to the fruits of actions are perished in the fire of knowledge, is called a learned man even by the wiseman.

The person who does not take shelter in the worldly things, and is ever contented, abandoning the desires caused by action while engaged in work is not a doer. Who has control over senses and mind. Has foreshaken the wordly things, such a man free from desires only does his work physically and he does not commit any sin.

Who is contented with whatever accrues to him, is beyond duality, is free of envy, keeps an even mind in gain and loss, does not get into the bondage of his actions. All works of person, who is free from desire, steady in knowledge, acts in accordance with the injunction of scriptures are destroyed and he is freed from them.

Some perform sacrifices knowing the act of offering to be god, the oblation to be god, the fire also being god in which god is offered by the god, performing the act of sacrifice such men meditating on the god become one with him.

Other yogis, worship the gods through sacrifices and still others offer sacrifice in the fire, which is brahma. Other yogis by listening and by discipline of senses stoke the fire of sacrifice and others use speech etc senses to stoke the fire of sacrifice.

Other yogis offer all the actions of the senses, actions of the life force in the knowledge lit fire of the self discipline. Others conduct sacrifice of their wealth etc, likewise others do the sacrifice by penance and still others do eight-fold yoga sacrifice and some observe hard penance of non-violence etc, some assiduously study the scriptures and perform sacrifice by gathering knowledge.

Others yogis devoted to pranayama, (breath control) control of the path of outgoing breath (prana) and apana (incoming breath) and pour prana upon apana by way of sacrifice and vice-versa. Other yogis, by fasting offer their vital force to sacrifice and such men, who have gone beyond the sins, have the true knowledge of sacrifices.

O Arjuna, the yogis who drink the nectar like wisdom brewed from the sacrifices attain to the brahma, and those do not perform sacrifices even this world offers nothing what can they get in the other world? Many such sacrifices are detailed in the veda, know them to be produced by action, knowing this truth you shall be freed of the wordly bonds.

O Arjuna sacrifices done by acquisition of knowledge is far superior to those performed by using worldly riches because all the actions ultimately reach the state of knowledge. Having respectfully saluted them, serving them and questioning them without guile, acquire that knowledge. The wisemen who know the truth shall preach that knowledge to you.

After acquiring that knowledge you shall not be deluded again, O Arjuna, by that knowledge you shall see all the creatures under self and then you shall become one with me. Even you are more sinful than all other sinners even then the life-boat of knowledge shall help you go beyond all your sins.

O Arjuna, as the fire devours the fuel. Likewise the fire of knowledge burns all the actions.n this world verily there is no purifying agent like knowledge. A person having attained the state of Yoga experience that purity (of knowledge) is his self.

A person having ready control over his senses attains understanding and having done so attains the supreme peace immediately.Who is ignorant and is lacking in devotion and is also full of doubts, loses the right way to salvation. The person full of doubts can get peace neither is this world nor in the other world.

O Arjuna, one who has consigned his actions to the god and whose doubts have been destroyed by knowledge, is not amenable to the bondage of the actions.O Arjuna therefore having steadied yourself in the yoga and cut through this doubts engendered in your heart by ignorance, with the sword of knowledge, arise for this battle.

This Fourth Chapter is entitled "
The Yoga of Knowledge and Renunciation of Action."

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